Noah Jermain currently lives in New York City. He graduated with a BFA in Musical Theatre from Missouri State University.

Noah grew up in the small-town Savannah, Missouri, and being from the “Show Me” state means you should be a performer, right? He has loved entertaining people ever since he was a kid running up and down the halls quoting Jim Carrey movies. Noah is a fifty-year-old man in a twenty-three-year-old’s body. He loves a good pun and found a passion for rock music of the 70s and 80s like Van Halen and Queen as a kid. Hearing the sound of an electric guitar was the first time he fell in love. After twelve years, being a musician is as much a part of him as is being an actor. Noah’s family means the world to him, and they’ve made him the goofy, God-loving guy he is today. He was raised to work hard, be kind and love coffee.

In high school, Speech and debate taught Noah that having a strong work ethic can make dreams come true. He competed at the NSDA National Tournament. Noah was the National Champion of Humorous Interpretation in 2013 and took fourth place in 2014. It gave him the guts to pursue acting, and he found musical theatre while in college at Missouri State University. He has done summer stock with Tent Theatre and Grandstreet Theatre. Post graduation he spent the summer with Forestburgh Playhouse as a member of the Resident Company. Acting for film is still one of his greatest passions, and he can be seen in the upcoming short film The Dead Zone (2019). At the end of the day, Noah simply wants to create art that gives people an escape or makes their day a little brighter than it was.

Also, the job stability is a huge plus.

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